Aksharavani’s History:

The University of Hyderabad is bustling with construction work. A community of migrant construction workers lives on the premises of the university in temporary homes. Everyday life in this community is full of activity, but until recently, there was no school for the children of the workers. Given the work routines of the adults and the lack of transportation, the children cannot attend schools outside the university campus.

In April 2011, through the combined efforts of Ethan Geringer- Sameth, an exchange student at the University of Hyderabad (U of H), Bhavani Aadimoolam, the Hindi Instructor  at the University  of Hyderabad’s Study in India Program, a school was born.  The six students of Duke University’s Duke INtense Global-India program (2011-12)  along with Professors Leela & Baba Prasad, joined hands with this fledgling team.  In a parents’ meeting, it soon acquired a name: Aksharavani. From that time until now, Aksharavani has been growing in resources, organization and student attendance. SCOPE, an NGO that works to better the conditions of migrant labor communities, provided start-up assistance through partial teacher support and supplies. Now funding is primarily provided from donations, the Vivékin Group (a leading management consultancy), and the Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd.

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