Partnership Building

“Yet, even differences prove helpful, where there are tolerance, charity, and truth.” -Gandhi

Partnership Philosophy:

A network of partnerships is the foundation upon which we have been able to build the school. Our partners range from individuals, to NGOs, to the construction company which employs the parents of the schoolchildren. The objective is to create a sustainable model of partnerships that encourages a sense of collective ownership, long-lasting investment and a system of interconnectedness. It is through extensive use of local resources as well as collaborative efforts between administrative powers and all those involved that we hope to create an environment that fosters education, health, and community.

Target Audience:

We have designed a downloadable brochure that can guide anyone who is interested in starting a migrant school. In the brochure, such a person or group is referred to as the “community champion.” The model depends on the level of commitment the community champion invests and it offers some suggestions for how to communicate most efficiently and fulfill responsibilities maximally. The work done at Aksharavani provides field examples that illustrate the methods mentioned in the brochure.


This is an ongoing project and the handout provided serves to offer glimpses into the work being done on site. As events progress and additional methods are accordingly developed, the handout will continuously update.

Credits and Acknowledgements:

Primary Authors: Yvette Vasquez and Derek Scott
Sources: SCOPE and the Dr. Reddy Educational Foundation, Bhavani Aadimulam,
View Brochure: Building Blocks (PDF)